Who we are

Our story

"In 2002, Legos was born from a simple yet powerful idea: to make telecoms accessible to everyone. Anticipating the transformative impact of the SIP protocol and inspired by the balance of 'Think Global, Act Local,' we embarked on a journey. 'Breaking Down Borders' became our guiding star as we envisioned a convergent platform for fixed and mobile voice, SMS, and data. Today, our story is one of innovation and connectivity, as we continue to build bridges and shape the future of communication in Europe.“

- Pascal Prot, CEO

Our mission

Going Beyond Barriers, Connecting Europe Together

New ideas drive telecoms forward and bring us closer together. At Legos, we honor pioneers while guiding the path ahead.
We stand as the bridge to free telecom's power for visionaries. We offer tools and counsel, sharing our infrastructure, experience, and fervor with those brave enough to innovate.

To bring their ideas to life, innovators need to access the full power of Telecoms: they need to access the full capacity of the network, the best technologies available and the experience of other pioneers. It is the best way to win the race of novelty.

Legos provides them with the tools and advices to unlock the power of Telecoms. We will share our infrastructure, our experience  and our passion with those who dare to innovate.

  • Value #1

    Being open to the world

    We are a multiculturel familly with members from all over the world. We think globally and act locally.

  • Value #2

    Premium quality

    Our specialists are focusing on providing a reliabile service with premium quality. We are not only a supplier, but also a partner to accompany our clients in their projects.

  • Value #3

    Staying agile

    Our team is constantly looking for implementing new ideas. We have created a flexible and ever-evolving infrastructure to be able to quickly set up new projects.

  • Value #4


    We are ambitious, fearless and innovative. Our biggest goal is to become a worldwide leading operator.

  • Value #5

    Having fun

    We name our servers after Star Wars character names, we play pinball at lunchtime, we believe the best communication channel is a bar table.

Our team

Pascal Prot

Pascal Prot


Adrien Lemoine

Adrien Lemoine

Engineering Director

Michel Gacem

Michel Gacem


Nicolas Castro

Nicolas Castro

Telecom Admin Director

Edison Alarcón

Edison Alarcón

Customer Operation Director

  • Bilel RAHMOUNI
    Bilel RAHMOUNI
    Network and Systems Administrator
  • Stéphanie ABOU-HAIDAR
    Stéphanie ABOU-HAIDAR
    Financial Controller
  • Khamis SAHLA
    Khamis SAHLA
    Senior Sales Manager
  • Cassandre GRAVE
    Cassandre GRAVE
  • Nafi Amalia KONATE
    Nafi Amalia KONATE
    Communication Officer
  • Joséphine EL MURR
    Joséphine EL MURR
    Telecom Engineer
  • Rayane CHIKHI
    Rayane CHIKHI
    Network Operation Engineer
  • Xi CHEN
    Xi CHEN
    Product Manager
  • Maurice MARTIN
    Maurice MARTIN
    Finance Director, HR and Legal
  • Williams CASTILLO
    Williams CASTILLO
    Network Operation Engineer
  • Dennis MEJICANOS
    Dennis MEJICANOS
    Network Operation Engineer
  • Yacine MARTIN
    Yacine MARTIN
    Project Manager
  • Daniel FRANCIS
    Daniel FRANCIS
    Telecommunications Engineer
  • Mandaniaina RAJAONARIVELO
    Mandaniaina RAJAONARIVELO
    Integration and Development Engineer
  • Diego ARIAS
    Diego ARIAS
    Network and Systems Engineer
  • Xinran (Elodie) CHEN
    Xinran (Elodie) CHEN
    Marketing and Communication Manager
  • Svetlana ORDEKYAN
    Svetlana ORDEKYAN
    System and Network Engineer
  • Sergio BRAN
    Sergio BRAN
    Operations Manager
  • Matthieu ARLET
    Matthieu ARLET
  • William HOUDEAU
    William HOUDEAU
    Customer Journey and Sourcing Manager
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