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Why choose Legos for your Messaging Solution ?

Easy interconnections

Benefit from our interconnection with local operators on PREMIUM route

Convergent SMS

Work with the 1st Multi-countries convergent operator for P2P, A2P ,P2A and Conversational SMS, as well as for voice services

Regulatory expertise

Choose your number type with 100% local regulatory compliance

1-way/2-way Global Messaging

Connect to our SMPP Trunk to use all types of messaging service in one single contract

International coverage

Expand quickly with our global coverage via A-to-Z SMS termination

Fully control

Integrate your BSS with Legos’s APIs or use our fully integrated customer portal (Webcare)

Messaging types
and Use cases


"Person-to-Person SMS" (or “Peer-to-Peer SMS”)

are direct messages exchanged between individuals or devices, bypassing intermediaries or third-party platforms.

P2P SMS is ideal for personal communication, connecting friends, family, or colleagues.

Between friends, family
Business communication


“Application-to-person messaging” is a messaging service that allowing businesses to send text messages to customers via applications or platforms.

Promotional marketing
Secured payment

Conversational Message

represents the evolution of business SMS, offering a two-way dialogue channel via SMS between companies and customers. This approach, encompassing both A2P and P2A*, enhances customer relationships. Give your customers the freedom to engage in end-to-end conversations.

Between friends, family
Conversational marketing
Customer service helpdesk

NPV Message

refers to SMS sent or received through Verified multi-purpose numbers (NPV) in France. These numbers, designated by ARCEP, serve telemarketing activities and empower contact centers for automated outbound call campaigns. NPV messaging serves as a valuable complement to your voice communication.

Customer service message
50 50

Million SMS/mth

110 110

Operators trust us

25 25

Covered countries

6 6

Strategic locations for global redundancy: Paris, Courbevoie, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Singapore

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Legos provides voice and SMS enabled virtual mobile numbers in several countries across Europe.

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