Legos Unleashes Seamless Connectivity in Germany


Legos has launched its Global Messaging and Mobile solutions, offering integrated communication across multiple channels for a seamless voice and SMS experience in Germany. This all-in-one solution combines automation and personalization, providing options for marketing, transactional, and conversational SMS. Customers can ensure compliance and enhance messaging through easy interconnections and full control via an automated platform or Legos's Webcare.

Legos redefines German telecoms market

With one million mobile numbers in Germany affected by the BNetza, as well as SIM cards and interconnections with the incumbent operator, Legos is enhancing the flexibility and scalability of its mobile solutions. With services already available, including SIP Trunk, SMS, fixed and mobile numbers, hosting and porting service, Legos is committed to further strengthening its offerings. Moreover, KYB/KYC services assist customers in achieving full compliance with German regulations. Legos takes charge of verifying the identity of companies and end-users throughout the collaboration chain.

Legos unleashes the power of seamless connectivity

Legos’s Mobile Service takes connectivity to the next level, offering not only SIM cards/eSIMs, but also primary and/or secondary numbers, APIs, voice/SMS/data Leg, and customer interfaces. Legos enables a mobile interpersonal communication service on a white-label model. Emphasizing prepaid/post-paid mobile, web apps for end-users, and a customer management tool, launching MVNO brands becomes effortless and flexible. The infrastructure and international network further support SIM cards with voice, SMS, data, and Leg service, making it the ideal platform to launch your MVNO business without heavy investment.

Legos's remarkable journey in Europe

With services available in 20 European countries including France, UK and Spain, Legos is focusing on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction. By including the German market, Legos is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the European telecom sector.

About Legos

Legos is the European fixed, mobile and convergent telecom operator headquartered in Paris, France, with technical infrastructures in France, Germany, UK, Spain and Singapore. Since 2015, Legos has built its white label voice, SMS and Data, fixed and mobile services, and continues to expand its presence throughout Europe and around the world. The group is also a member of the main international telecom associations (GSMA, ITU, GLF, MEF).

Public Relation contact: marketing@legos.io