download the press release : 2016 0128 Press Release Legos 4G Orange


After the launch of its full MNVO service earlier this year, Legos announces today the support of 4G data service on the mobile radio network of Orange.

First independant fixe/mobile convergent service operator since the consolidation of the french market started, Legos has built and operates its white branded services thanks to its own core technical infrastructure fully scalable, based on the cutting edge, future proof architecture often named by specialists as NFV (Networtk Function Virtualization) and SDN (Software Defined Network).


This technical infrastructure enabled the progressive startup of the new mobile service during 2015, and is scalable on a pay as you grow basis, to serve up to several millions of SIM cards or IoT.

After the first generation of MVNO opportunities based on brand reputation or end-user communities, the telecom market is now requiring richer service integration including not only the mobile environment, but also the fixed one, and all messaging systems to make it convergent : fixed-mobile telephony integration, convergent voicemail,  SMS/MMS integration with email, cloud telephony integration.

Thanks to its strong experience in the fixed telephony market, Legos has already migrated several parks of SIM cards onto its core intechnical infrastructure, and the support of 4G data services extends its thanks to the best french mobile radio network, according to ARCEP’s dashboard (ARCEP : french regulatory authority).


Pascal Prot, CEO of Legos says : Since low cost bundles drove the costs and margin down on basic standard service for mass market customers 2 years ago in France, end users have understood how much value they get (or don’t get) for their money. The mobile market now requires convergent services for both individual and business markets. We believe that the business market goes “the convergence direction”. So for Legos with 4G, sky is the limit !”