White Label

The Industrial model in white label :

The marketing strategy of Legos is based on a 100% white label business model.

  • Our customer is king in its marketing choices
  • Legos is dedicated to the 2nd and higher levels
  • Structural insulation from our customers’ end-users

Complementing our supply of broadband access, Legos integrates its clients’ choice for local loop supply.

Legos connects to the local point-of-collect of each customer via a dedicated private point-to-point link.


In order to run its customers’ telephony services, Legos integrates their operational processes :

  • Project management
  • Activation
  • Telecom Administration
  • Invoicing
  • Supervision
  • Alerting
  • Change Management

Quality of service, a key component of our commitment :

  • 24/24 100% internally managed customer assistance and supervision,
  • Redundant architecture, dynamic and connected monitoring,
  • Availability at each moment.

Legos markets its white label services to local operators and integrators