SIP Trunk

BornSIP Trunk : An offer and a team at your service.

Marketed since 2010, our BornSIP Trunk Solution has seduced integrators and local operators across France.

The reliability and accuracy of our processes enable our customers to win tenders, to meet the needs of communities and call centers.

BornSIP Trunk is a full support of the “Telecom Admin” and a platform carrying millions of Premium minutes each month.


The SIP Trunk opportunity for integrator

The SIP Trunking telephony mode represents a major growth driver for integrators.

The white label approach enables to multiply the margin of a service often in an indirect distribution mode.

A genuine autonomy for our customers

Our customers issue their invoices, manage their numbers (according to the French numbering plan). They master their end customers and the roadmap development of their services in their own name.

BornSIP Trunk Legos: integration adapted to your architectures

Complete SIP Trunk Integration with the help of Legos

Integration, settings list and interworking :

A Project Manager will be dedicated to Legos customer during the implementation period. The service will be set up within 3 months of signing the contract.

Setting up elements :
  • IP test Architecture
  • Planning
  • Identification
  • Setting Reference
  • Test account creation, configuring IP security
Interworking :
  • List of IPBX reference settings
  • Test Roll out documentation
  • Final Documentation

Activation Integration :

  • By Web request or FTP Transfer
Invoicing Integration :
  • Daily transfer of Call Detail Record (CDR) tickets at D- 2
Monitoring Integration :
  • Creation of  monitoring indicators
  • On-call work Procedure
Deployment :
  • Account creation
  • DDI routing
  • Migration of Security rules
  • Launch of first number portability
  • Monitoring Implementation, operation setting, documentation
  • Monitoring entry point

During the solution deployment , Legos provides the customer withFAQ describing the global function of the service and associated trade-off.

Telecom admin : Full  regulation compliance

Numbering resources :
  • Provision of geographic and  non-geographic numbers, mobile numbers, in strict application of the French numbering plan
  • Presence in all French Metropolitan departments
Telephone directory :
  • Availability agreements of subscribers database  from French telephone directory providers
  • White Pages  and busines listings
  • • Fixed and mobile numbers
Number portability :
  • APNF member
  • Portability convention with OBLs (Local loop operators)
  • Automated exchange according to FOP3 and MOP2 Protocols (French protocols for interoperator portability)
Legal listening :
  •  Request for R226 authorization 
Emergency  numbers in PDAAU mode (Routing of emergency calls plan) :
  • Permanent update with departmental prefectures (local authorities)

SIP Trunk, available according to your architecture

 – On mutualized telephony server

 – On dedicated IPBX

  • Interworking validation with test IPBX
  • Integration
    • Activation
    • Invoicing
    • Network
    • Supervision Monitoring
    • 1st level user support
  • Incoming and outgoing routing calls
  • Telecom Admin :
    • Numbering resources
    • Number portability
    • Emergency routing numbers
    • Directory listings
    • Legal listening
  • 24/7 Outsourced operation
  • 2nd and 3rd level user support
  • Trouble shooting
  • Virtual Trunk : opportunity to share a trunk among 15 IP addresses