M2M (Machine to Machine) offer for new uses

Legos M2M, available today in order to generate the growth of tomorrow.

The white label M2M offer from Legos is based on our mobile operator infrastructure and offer broadband and Very High Speed access to meet your needs.

M2M Legos :

  • Unbranded SIM cards of 64 Ko or 32 Ko
  • 3G and 3G+ coverage
  • Provision of shared or dedicated APN (Access point name

Development of M2M :

  • 3G key: Broadband Internet access in mobility, anticipation or addition to the provisioning of fixed broadband access.
  • Tablet use
  • Backup of DSL link
  • Vending Machines
  • Household appliances
  • Geolocalisation
  • Communicating objects (Internet of things)
  • Vertical Applications: All communication solutions requiring a wireless Data link

Main advantages of Legos’ M2M white label offer :

  • A competitive « turnkey » offer adapted to a now trivialized market.
  • A 100% white label model, leaving you the only master of tariff and marketing choices. You define and market your offer.
  • DATA traffic on a usage based or shared plan
  • Network ID, SIM card and voice mail in “neutral” or customized mode (up to your requirements). The Mobile service Legos allows you to configure a customized offer answering your real needs.
  • High speed Broadband available
  • You are the unique and privileged interface of your customers. Legos assists you directly for the 2nd and 3rd level user support through 24/7 outsourced operations service which are included in the mobile offer.
  • Our level of QoS allows you to sell to Major Accounts as well as Small Businesses SMEs. Based on an infrastructure known for its high reliability, the mobile offer from Legos brings tranquility to your customers and ensures you their loyalty. This unique quality of service associated to the global competitiveness of the offer will allow you to grow your customer base.