Broadband Telephony

BornSIP BT offer from Legos

Legos built a range of services exclusively available in white label mode for integrators and local operators

Outsourced telephony for local operators

Marketing Integration :

  • Mix product : bundle or« stand alone  »
  • Unique service or range of services
  • Pay as you use or flat rate

Network integration :

  • Dedicated Lan2Lan Interco, backup with Public transit in BGP
  • Spare equipment and redundancy

IS integration :

  • Automated activation
  • Third party billing
  • Monitoring 24/7

Telecom Admin :

  • Geographic number or portability
  • Directory listings
  • Emergency routing numbers
  • Legal listening

Service for Final user :

  • Incoming and outgoing routing calls
  • Calling number display
  • Telephone number masking
  • Call waiting
  • Voice message
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call forwarding
  • Three-party conference
  • Selfcare: parameter settings, call log, itemized invoice

Operating the service :

  • Webcare dedicated for the customers base administration
  • Training in exploitation tools
  • Single desk throughout the duration of service or services operation
  • 24/7 NOC* remote assistance
  • Direct access of 2nd and 3rd level support
  • Incident management tickets

Telecom admin : Total compliance with the regulation

Numbering resources :

  • Provision of geographic, nongeographic, mobile numbers, in strict application of the French numbering plan
  • Presence in all French metropolitan territories departments

Telephone directory:

  • Availability agreements of subscribers database  with telephone directories
  • Individuals and businesses
  • Fixed and mobile numbers

Number portability :

  • APNF member
  • Portability convention with OBLs (Local loop operators)
  • Automated exchange according FOP3 and MOP2 Protocols (French protocols for portability inter-operators)

Legal listening :

  • Request for authorization R226 (French Penal code)

Urgency numbers PDAAU (Routing of emergency calls plan) :

  • Permanent update with departmental prefectures