Legos : Mobile and fixed telephony operator

White label / BT (Broadband Telephony) / SIP Trunk / Mobile / M2M / Outsourced Operation


The VoIP:  an opportunity

The VoIP technology reduces complexity by allowing the convergence of voice and data and brings flexibility and scalability.

Unlike the classic telephony offer, VoIP is a natural extension of our clients’ existing access technologies regardless of the IP media carrier



As an operator, our culture is to deliver our services commitments. Our approach is based on :

  • Quality of service,
  • Rigor,
  • Reliability,
  • Availability,
  • Reactivity,
  • Proximity.


These qualities are ensured by a rigorous and proven approach :

  • Operation,
  • Duplication,
  • High availability,
  • Resiliency,
  • Staging (template and pre-production),
  • Procedures,
  • Planned Maintenance,
  • Acceptance plan,
  • Validation and test platforms,
  • Projection of capacity progression).


Our experience as a telephone operator and the quality of our services guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and serenity.