Legos is present in France & in most majors Cities throughout the world

BornSIP is the brand name for Legos’ range of services 100% based on the SIP protocol, including proxy, voice mail, e-Fax, IP phones, etc …

The BornSIP architecture conforms to IETF standards, and offers all the benefits and flexibility of SIP protocol.

Architecture :

Redundancy, safety

On call duty handled internally

French core network, 100% industrialized, located in Paris and in eastern France

SS7, SIP, SIP-I, SigTran, M3UA interconnections

Frame interco agreement with numerous major player : Orange/France Telecom, SFR, Completel, Verizon, KPN/iBasis, Tata Communications

Privileged relationships with operators such as : Cogent, Interoute, Orange, Level3 Axione, Covage, SFR



Telecom admin : Full regulation compliance

GSMA Associate Member

RIPE Member

Numbering resources :

  • 322 ranges of 10.000 geographic numbers
  • 3 ranges of 10.000 nongeographic numbers
  • 6 ranges of 10.000 “06…” & “07…” mobiles numbers
  • Provision of  additional ranges depending on the customers deployment within 2 months
    (3 weeks of statutory deadline + 4 weeks of implementation by OBLs (Local loop operators))

Telephone directory :

  • Availability agreements of subscribers database with telephone directories
  • Individuals and businesses
  • Fixed and mobile numbers

Number portability :

  • APNF & GIE EGP member
  • Portability convention with OBLs (Local loop Operators)
  • Automated exchange according FOP3 and MOP2 Protocols (French protocols for interoperator portability)

Legal listening :

  • Request for authorisation R226 (French Penal code

Emergency  numbers PDAAU (Routing of emergency calls plan) :

  • Permanent update with departmental prefectures (local authorities)