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About Us

Meet the operator factory

Our President words

Back in 2002, I realized that SIP/IMS was going to be the first Future proof protocol/architecture that would make possible to build a converged services platform for fixed/mobile voice, Data and messaging.

It was the spark that ignited Legos' journey!

From the really beginning, fully white branded services, redundancy, diversity, scalability and virtualization has been the driving force behind Legos technical choices.

And ever since, providing best quality, world class services on a Global scale, and the best customer experience is what is fueling our everyday enthusiasm.

Here are our main values :

- Carrier Grade
- Operational Expertise
- Reliabilty
- Future proof
- Outsourcing Expertise

Pascal Prot
CEO & Founder


2008 - Legos becomes a white label full SIP fixed operator

2012 - Legos extends its service scope with Mobile

2013 - Legos becomes a light MVNO on SFR network

2015 - Legos becomes a full MVNO on Orange Network and thus the first French full convergent service provider

2016 - Legos launches its 4G service

2017 - Legos expand its operation to Germany