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BornSIP Trunk

Voice and SMS trunking services for Operators

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BornSIP Trunk

BORNSIP TRUNK We provide Voice and SMS/Text enabled numbers as well as termination and collection services directly connected to your telecom infrastructure. Legos developed a quick-to-deploy and hassle-free to manage Voice SIP trunking and SMS SMPP trunking services. Get numbers, Get interconnections, Start sending and receiving Calls and SMS/Text.


Premium SIP/SMPP trunking service Our expertise and experience ensure you the most agile and stable SIP and SMPP trunking service delivered to your telecom infrastructure. Our service is 100% CLI guaranteed and we use the most performant Codecs. We'll build a Trunk to interconnect via dedicated Lan2Lan links and Secured connections on public internet. Once interconnected you'll get access to SMS/Text and Voice enabled DIDs as well as worldwide interconnections. You are totally free to build the service your clients will love on top of it!

RESILIANT, CARRIER GRADE, SAFE AND REDUNDANT SERVICE We've been building interconnections and SIP/SMPP Trunks for a decade now. We have been dealing with tens of millions of minutes and SMS per month so we ensure you with the most competitive, reliable and stable trunk service. Our infrastructure is 3 times duplicated in France and abroad with geographic diversity, our routes and interconnections are all redundant and our automated fallbacks prevent any potential impact on your service. Supervision on our infrastructures is 4 times redundant and our processes are ISO 9001 certified.

For Voice, SMS P2P and A2P Our interconnections ensure your end users to reach and to be reached from anywhere at any time with the best communication quality standards. Legos provides Calls and SMS/Text termination/collection from/to mobile and fixed numbers in France and abroad at the most competitive prices. You can build your IPBX based fixed service or your innovative SMS/Text application with confidence, you are in the right hands.

French DIDs and Regulatory compliance We are a Fully licensed fixed & mobile operator in France. We have direct access to SMS/Text and Voice enabled numbering resources in France and abroad. Our number portability process is the most optimized and reliable one and we take care of all the regulatory and legal compliance issues for our clients. You can focus on what matters the most: your business. We are also member of the GSMA, ITU, FFT and RIPE NCC, APNF, GIE-EGP, associations and we comply with all the standards of the telecom industry, and master its evolution.


BornSIP Trunk