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Mobile services on a white label basis

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BORNSIP MOBILE Legos is an independent Telecom operator, our Mobile services are supported by our own mobile core network, directly connected to major MNOs radio networks Worldwide and specifically to Orange 3G & 4G/LTE radio networks in France. We create our customers’ Full MVNO, Light MVNO and Convergent mobile services, and operate these on a fully customized, automated and white labelled basis.


Premium Mobile Network In France, our service uses Orange Radio Networks both 3G & 4G/LTE, undoubtedly recognized as the most extended and best quality network available. Abroad our interconnexions and our Roaming sponsor partners ensure a worldwide coverage with at least two carriers in each country where our service is available. We are in control of all the Voice, SMS and Data flows wherever your clients are located and then able to apply any service profile or any restriction you may want on your SIM cards/IMSIs.

Resiliant, safe and redundant service Our mobile customers benefit from our 10+ years of experience on running a core telecom infrastructure and interconnexions, and from our 5+ years of experience on mobile services. We are experts dealing with tens of thousands of SIM cards and we ensure you with the most competitive, reliable and stable Mobile service. Our infrastructure is 3 times duplicated in France and Abroad with geographic diversity, our routes and interconnections are all redundant and our dedication to quality and agility is absolute. Supervision on our infrastructures is 4 times redundant and our processes are ISO 9001 certified.

End to End Mobile service Legos Mobile service include all the technical elements you could need to build your mobile offer. Postpaid offers or Prepaid offers, Data and Voice thresholds, Voicemail, Phone embedded configuration or OTA configuration and total freedom in Profiles and Plans construction. We also make sure your service is easy to manage through our APIs, our customized web interfaces and daily/monthly CDRs reports. Visually we also make sure your customers have a fully customized experienced with custom SIM cards, Custom Network Name and Custom Selfcare interface. Our service is available for a portion of insourced equivalent investment, with a much quicker time to market, and a risk free project, providing our customer a much better Return On Investment.

WITH/WITHOUT VOICE/DATA LEG DELIVERY Based on our expertise we went the extra mile and converged Fixed world and Mobile world. Legos is able to deliver to your infrastructure both voice and mobile data flows for cutting-edge services. Make the incoming calls convergent with inbound mobile voice flow delivery and choose to terminate the call to your client's mobile or fixed line. Receive outbound flows to international destination so you can benefit from your international routes fares. Receive the mobile Data Leg in France and abroad to make your professional clients fixed IP and Mobile IP network converged for always more security, privacy and better services. From the MVNO Light service to the Full MVNO service with full flows delivery, Legos addresses your current and future needs.


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