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Broadband Telephony for Consumer and Business markets

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BornSIP Trunk

BORNSIP BT A end-to-end managed solution to sell fixed telephony to non “telecom specialists”. Our BornSIP BT/BT Pro services provide fixed telephony service from the end user equipment to our core network. Start selling fixed telephony lines without constraints.


Premium SIP telephony service We provide the best quality, stable and ready to use, fixed telephony service. Our experience in fixed telephony ensures a scalable and fully secured SIP telephony service. With more than 400.000 end users including, individuals, business, shops, hospitals and institutions, consistency, reliability and efficiency is our main concerns. Managing your service has also never been that simple with our web interface or our APIs.

Resiliant, safe and redundant service We gather experience on the BT/BT pro service from the beginning of Legos operation. We are experts dealing with tens of millions of minutes monthly so we ensure you with the most competitive, reliable and stable telephony service. Our infrastructure is 3 times duplicated in France and Abroad with geographic diversity, our routes and interconnections are all redundant and our automated fallbacks prevent any impact on your service. Supervision on our infrastructures is 4 times redundant and our processes are ISO 9001 certified.

End to End Fixed service Our expertize enables companies without knowledge in telephony to deploy quickly a fully interconnected fixed telephony service. Service provisioning is fully industrialized via customized IP and SIP configuration directly loaded onto the end user equipment. It's as simple as this. Our web interface and our easy-to-integrate APIs are easy to manage and ready to scale your telephony service.

BT Pro with centrex features Listening to our clients' needs we developed the BT Pro service, a hosted PBX/Centrex solution for small business and SoHos (Small Office Home Office). This service is as simple as BornSIP BT to deploy but also benefit from PBX/centrex features like Call transfer, Call hold, Queue, Quick dialing, Call sharing and other SIP equipment based services. This service is dedicated to specific business telephony needs.